Kerry Dooley is the recipient of the 2016 SWCS Award for Excellence in Applied Catalysis

Kerry_DooleyIt is with great pleasure to announce that Dr. Kerry Dooley, the BASF Professor of Chemical Engineering at LSU, has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 SWCS Award for Excellence in Applied Catalysis.

“As an educator, instructor, research and thesis mentor / administrator, Kerry has been a part of the development and progression of the LSU department of Chemical Engineering since 1983. Kerry is well known in the field of synthesis & characterization of selective zeolite/metal dehydrogenation catalysts & catalytic applications of these materials, including carbonylations, alkane & amine dehydrogenations & homologations. He has over 100 publications, patents and presentations. Kerry has an interesting body of work in catalytic oxidation, that includes direct oxidation of methane to methanol, and most notably his research on combined supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) of priority pollutants from contaminated soils, with catalytic oxidation of the extract. He has related contributions in the field of high-pressure processing & extraction. Kerry’s service to the SWCS and the catalysis community has been exceptional; he has held every office in the SWCS and was also President of the 2007 NAM”.

Kerry will receive the award, which includes a plaque and a $1500 check, at the upcoming SWCS symposium on Friday, April 22. Please join me in congratulating Prof. Kerry Dooley for this award!
Best Regards,
Teng Xu
2016 Chair
Southwest Catalysis Society (SWCS)