Awards presented by the North American Catalysis Society

The North American Catalysis Society sponsors six prestigious awards and lectureships to recognize the accomplishments of catalysis scientists and to promote the advancement of catalysis science in North America and world-wide. See the end of this page for a list of links to award descriptions.

Three of these awards include plenary lectures at NACS biannual meetings (Eugene J. Houdry Award in Applied Catalysis, Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis, Michel Boudart Award for the Advancement of Catalysis, the latter jointly presented with the European Federation of Catalysis Societies). The F.G. Ciapetta and Robert Burwell Lectureships in Catalysis involve lectures at local club meetings and the presentation of the awards at the NACS meeting banquet. The NACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Catalysis is the most recent recognition instituted by the Society. All of these awards are presented every two years and the nomination deadlines are listed in the NACS web site.

Canvassing and Nomination Processes

NACS encourages all nominations for these awards and nominators and nominees need not be NACS members. The President instructs the Vice President to form a canvassing committee for each cycle of every award to ensure a full slate of outstanding candidates. This committee is led by the NACS Vice-President and consists of previous award recipients and recognized experts within the catalysis community at-large. The committee identifies worthy candidates and its Chair seeks nominators for these candidates, but provides no specific guidance about the preparation of the nomination packages beyond that provided on the NACS web site. The Chair also instructs the Secretary to contact all NACS local representatives to request that they canvass for nominations within their local sections. All nomination deadlines and cycles are also announced in the quarterly NACS newsletter.

Award Recipient Nomination Process

The jury that selects each NACS award recipient consists of scientists and engineers recognized as experts and representing industry, academia, and national labs. The members of this jury must have no affiliation with any of the nominees and are specifically asked to disclose any conflicts of interest and to disqualify themselves without prejudice when a conflict exists. The selection jury is appointed by the NACS President, who seeks guidance in selecting its members from the Vice President and from senior members of the catalysis community. The identity of the jury members is kept in the strictest confidence and known only to the President; the members are also required to keep their participation in these committees confidential.

The NACS President provides the jury with the nomination packages for all candidates within two weeks of the deadline; in the intervening time, potential jury members are asked about their willingness to serve. The members of the jury rank the candidates and provide specific details for their selection in the case of the top three candidates. In some cases, jury members are asked to again rank the top two candidates side-by-side, after considering their respective nomination packages once again.

The recipient of the Award and his/her nominators are informed of the decision of the jury, followed by notification of jury members and of nominators of the other candidates. A formal announcement, composed by the President in consultation with the recipient and the nominator, is published in the NACS web site and the NACS newsletter and soon thereafter in Chemical and Engineering News. The awards are all presented at the biennial NACS meeting, where the respective citations are read and the award winners receive a plaque.

The NACS community at-large deserves congratulations and thanks for the excellent cadre of nominees that it has put forth and chosen and for their dedication as nominators and as members of the jury.

Award Descriptions & Deadlines