The F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis

Deadline for nominations is 8 November 2019
The F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis (prior to 1973 The National Lectureship) is sponsored by the W.R. Grace & Co. and The North American Catalysis Society. The Society administers this Lectureship. It is to be awarded biennially in even numbered years. The Award consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $5,000. Travel expenses are provided through a travel escrow fund, administered by the NACS, to be used on a “as needed basis” for the recipients from academia or industrial companies (with < $100 Million annual sales; up to $3,000. for employees of larger companies). The Award is given in recognition of substantial contributions to one or more areas in the field of catalysis with emphasis on industrially significant catalysts and catalytic processes and the discovery of new catalytic reactions and systems of potential industrial importance. The awardee will be selected on the basis of his/her contributions to the catalytic literature and the current timeliness of these research contributions. The recipient may be invited to visit and lecture to each of the affiliated Clubs/Societies with which mutually satisfactory arrangements can be made. Selection of the awardee will be made without regard to age, sex, nationality, or affiliation. The nomination materials should describe clearly, specifically, and concisely the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments in the context of the specific award. These materials should include the following documents (submitted as a single PDF file and not exceeding the indicated length): (i) a nomination letter (1000 words); (ii) two supporting letters (800 words each); (iii) a narrative biographical note (500 words); and (iv) a curriculum vitae, including relevant positions and recognitions and a list of publications and patents. The nomination and supporting letters should be specific to the year and to the name of the award. Nominations for the Ciapetta Award will close on 8 November 2019. All nomination packages for the Ciapetta Award should be should be sent to Jingguang Chen, President, North American Catalysis Society; at Receipt of any nomination, will be confirmed by an email message sent to any nominator.

Previous Award Winners

  • 1967 Jan H. deBoer
  • 1968 John Sinfelt
  • 1969 Stanlislas Teichner
  • 1972 George C.A. Schuit
  • 1973 Jose J. Fripiat
  • 1974 Dennis A. Dowden
  • 1975 Pierre C. Gravelle
  • 1976 Gerhard Ertl
  • 1977 John R. Anderson
  • 1986 Michel Boudart
  • 1988 James D. Idol
  • 1990 W. Keith Hall
  • 1992 R. van Santen
  • 1994 John J. Rooney
  • 1996 George Kokotailo
  • 1998 Avelino Corma
  • 2000 Gary McVicker
  • 2002 John Monnier
  • 2004 Douglas Stephan
  • 2006 Stuart Soled
  • 2008 Robert Farrauto
  • 2010 Jeffrey T. Miller
  • 2012 Thomas Degnan
  • 2014 Paul Barger
  • 2016 Ahmad Moini
  • 2018 Teh Ho