Catalysis Video History Series

The history of Catalysis Video Series presents historical lectures from national catalysis meetings from the 1930’s to the present. We are sponsored and part of the North American Catalysis Society. Most of the posted videos were made by Professor Burt Davis from the University of Kentucky who captured them over more than 30 years.

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Video Excerpts from the 20th NAM

  • 20th NAM Houdry Award Lecture
    A discussion of translation of zeolite discovery into commercial catalyst and adsorbent use
    Dr. Stacey I. Zones, Chevron Texaco
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  • 20th NAM Boudart Award Lecture
    Probing Catalyst Structure-Performance Relationships through Studies of Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics
    Professor Alex T. Bell, UC Berkeley
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  • 20th NAM Emmett Award Lecture
    Rational Modification of Active Sites on Heterogeneous Catalysts
    Professor Robert J. Davis, University of Virginia
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  • 20th NAM Plenary Lecture
    The new syngas conversion business: opportunities and challenges
    Dr. Theo Fleisch, BP
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  • 20th NAM Plenary Lecture
    Design and applications of olefin metathesis catalysts
    Professor Robert H. Grubbs, California Institute of Technology
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  • 20th NAM Acknowledgements
    Acknowledgements by Professor Kerry Dooley, Chair of the Houston NAM meeting and Dr. Yun-Feng Chang, Fund Raising Committee – ExxonMobil Chemicals
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Video Interviews