Local Club Stu­dent Awards

Each local club can apply for the new annual stu­dent sup­port awards for a max­i­mum of $1,000 per year. The amount can only be used for stu­dents (both grad­u­ate & post­doc­toral). A timely pro­posal from the local club must be sub­mit­ted before the event to the Pres­i­dent which out­lines the pro­jected use of the monies; a full account­ing of the monies has to be pro­vided by the local club (in good stand­ing) to the Trea­surer shortly after the event, but within one year. This award is dis­tinct from the Kokes Awards for the NAM meet­ings. The money can be used for the student’s meals, travel, liv­ing, and for poster awards. The award will be made avail­able 1–2 months before the spon­sored event. Local clubs need to allow one addi­tional month for prepa­ra­tion of the check; the funds are not intended as a means to gen­er­ate advanced income (via inter­est), but are intended to sup­port stu­dent involve­ment at the spon­sored event by the local catal­y­sis club. Address pro­pos­als to the Pres­i­dent at iglesia@berkeley.edu.