Local Club Student Awards

Each local club can apply for the new annual student support awards for a maximum of $1,500 per year. The amount can only be used for students (both graduate & postdoctoral). A timely proposal from the local club must be submitted before the event to the President which outlines the projected use of the monies; a full accounting of the monies has to be provided by the local club (in good standing) to the Treasurer shortly after the event, but within one year. This award is distinct from the Kokes Awards for the NAM meetings. The money can be used for the student’s meals, travel, living, and for poster awards. The award will be made available 1-2 months before the sponsored event. Local clubs need to allow one additional month for preparation of the check; the funds are not intended as a means to generate advanced income (via interest), but are intended to support student involvement at the sponsored event by the local catalysis club. Address proposals to the President at jgchen@columbia.edu.