NACS Membership and Dues

Any person from North America having interests in supporting, promoting or encouraging the growth and development of the science of catalysis (as described in the opening paragraph of the By Laws), shall be eligible for Full Membership.

There are two ways for becoming a North American Catalysis Society (NACS) member:

  • Join the local catalysis club near you and pay your membership fee to the local club, which automatically makes you a member of the NACS.
  • If you are not close enough to any local club or if it is not convenient for you to attend the local club meetings, you can choose to become a “Member-at-Large” of the NACS.

Persons from outside North America may indicate their interests in joining the NACS as Associate Members. Associate Members do not pay dues and they are not eligible to vote on elections and other matters pertaining to the NACS. Please note that the associate membership is for one year. At the end of the year, if you choose to remain as an associate member, you need to renew your membership. Please contact the Treasurer at the address below for requesting or renewing you membership as Associate Member.

If you want to become a Member-at-Large, send a check for the membership fee directly to the NACS Treasurer, Beata Kilos. The current annual membership dues are: US$20 for regular members, US$5 for students and retirees. A “retiree” is defined as one who has stopped full-time professional activities. The local clubs should make out the checks for the collected membership dues to “North American Catalysis Society” and sent it to the Treasurer at the following address:
Beata Kilos
NACS Treasurer
The Dow Chemical Company
CORE R&D, Chemical Science
1776 Building, Office B16-A
Midland, MI 48674