Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis

Deadline for nominations is 25 September 2020
The Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis is sponsored by the W.R. Grace & Co. It is administered by The Catalysis Society and is awarded biennially in odd numbered years, generally at the North American meeting of The Catalysis Society, where the awardee will be asked to give a plenary lecture. The award consists of a plaque and a prize of $5,000. An additional $500 is available for otherwise unreimbursed travel expenses.

The purpose of the Award is to recognize and encourage individual contributions in the field of catalysis with emphasis on discovery and understanding of catalytic phenomena, proposal of catalytic reaction mechanisms and identification of and description of catalytic sites and species.

Selection of the Award winner will be made by a committee of renowned scientists and engineers appointed by the President of The North American Catalysis Society. Selection shall be made without regard for sex, nationality or affiliation. The award winner must not have turned 46 on April 1st of the award year, thus nomination documents should indicate the age and birth date of the nominee. The next award is the 2021 Award year for this Emmett Award. Thus, nominees should not yet be 46 on 1 April 2021. Posthumous awards will be made only when knowledge of the awardee’s death is received after announcement of the Award Committee’s decision.

The nomination materials should describe clearly, specifically, and concisely the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments in the context of the specific award.

These materials should include the following documents (submitted as a single PDF file and not exceeding the indicated length): (i) a nomination letter (1000 words); (ii) two supporting letters (800 words each); (iii) a narrative biographical note (500 words); and (iv) a curriculum vitae, including relevant positions and recognitions and a list of publications and patents.

The nomination and supporting letters should be specific to the year and to the name of the award.

Selection of the Emmett Award winner will be made by a committee of renowned scientists and engineers appointed by the President of The North American Catalysis Society. Nomination packages for the Award must be received by 25 September 2020.

All nomination packages (one ELECTRONIC COPY) for the Emmett Award should be should be sent to Jingguang Chen, President, North American Catalysis Society; at Receipt of any nomination, will be confirmed by an email message sent to any nominator.

Previous Award Winners

  • 1971 Richard J. Kokes
  • 1973 John H. Sinfelt
  • 1975 Jack H. Lunsford
  • 1977 Gabor A. Somorjai
  • 1979 Gerhard Ertl
  • 1981 Peter A. Jacobs
  • 1983 Robert J. Madix
  • 1985 Alexis T. Bell
  • 1987 M. Albert Vannice
  • 1989 James A. Dumesic
  • 1991 Harold Kung
  • 1993 Mark Barteau
  • 1995 Mark Davis
  • 1997 Enrique Iglesia
  • 1999 Raymond Gorte
  • 2001 Donna Blackmond
  • 2003 Francisco Zaera
  • 2005 Matthew Neurock
  • 2007 Robert J. Davis
  • 2009 Manos Mavrikakis
  • 2011 Bert Weckhuysen
  • 2013 Christopher W. Jones
  • 2015 Christophe COPÉRET
  • 2017 Suljo Linic
  • 2019 Javier Pérez-Ramírez