Call for Nominations of the 2018 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award

Each year the Catalysis Club of Philadelphia recog-nizes an outstanding member of the catalysis commu-nity, who has made significant contributions to the advancement of Catalysis. Such advancement can be scientific, technological, or in organization leadership. The Award consists of a plaque and a $1,000 cash prize.

We appreciate your help in submitting nominations. The entire nomination package, including a resume and recommendation letters, should not be more than 10 pages and should include a ½ page tentative award announcement. The deadline for the receipt of nomi-nations is Friday, March 30th, 2018. Prior nomination packages sent in 2016 or later will automatically be considered for the 2018 Award.

Nomination letters along with supporting materials should be emailed to
Anton Petushkov
Zeolyst International
280 Cedar Grove Road
Conshohocken, PA, 19428

2018 Herman Pines Award Announcement

Dr. Jerzy Klosin of Dow Chemical Company has been selected as the recipient of 2018 Herman Pines Award. Jerzy is a fellow in Corporate Research and Development at The Dow Chemical Company. His research at Dow focused on homogenous catalysis including catalyst development for olefin polymerization, asymmetric hydroformylation reactions and ethylene tetramerization process. Early in his career he has been involved with the discovery and development of Dow’s INSITE Technology and Constrained-Geometry Catalysts. Jerzy together with his teams co-developed several molecular catalysts for olefin polymerization that were commercialized subsequently by Performance Plastics to produce differentiated polyolefins.

He has published 49 external papers in the area of organometallic and homogenous catalysis and holds 38 US patents. He has given over 50 invited lectures at national and international conferences and various universities. He is a recipient of 2013 SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal awarded for the discovery and commercialization of new homogenous olefin polymerization catalysts. Jerzy is a Member of Editorial Advisory Board of Organometallics, Member of Joint Board-Council Committee on ACS Publications and a board member of Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN). Jerzy was an organizer and a chair of 2015 Organometallic Gordon Conference and co-organizer of 2015 and 2017 Advances of Polyolefins conferences.

Jerzy received a MS in Chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland in 1991 and a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Organic, Organometallic) from University of Florida, Gainesville in 1995.

This award also recognizes hiss outstanding leadership and contributions to Catalysis Community throughout his career. He will present his Pines Award address at the May Spring Symposium of the Catalysis Club of Chicago.

In Memoriam: Robert K. Grasselli (1931-2018)

Robert Grasselli obtained his bachelor degree from Harvard in 1952, after wining a scholarship from the Technical University in Graz, Austria. He obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland, from where he proceeded to Sohio as a research scientist. After leaving Sohio he worked at the US Office of Naval Research, Washington, where he was Director of Chemical Research, and then at Mobil Corporation. From 1996 to 2006 he was Guest Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Munich and, simultaneously, Adjunct Full Professor in Chemical Engineering at the Center for Catalytic Science and Technology in the University of Delaware at Newark. Later he became Distinguished Affiliated Professor at the Technical University of Munich (2006-2018).

Dr. Robert A. Grasselli was a highly accomplished and innovative industrial chemist, renowned for his seminal contributions to the design, development, and commercial exploitation of novel solid catalysis. Inventor in 160 U.S. patents, he was instrumental in developing a fundamentally new method of producing the polymer precursor, acrylonitrile. The key innovation in this one-step process was the use microcrystalline bismuth molybdate; the process was so effective that, after its adoption worldwide, a 50-fold increase of acrylonitrile production was achieved.

Dr. Robert Grasselli was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (1995); inducted into the US National Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology (1988); was a recipient of the American Chemical Society E. N. Morley Medal (1999); and the E. V. Murphee Award for Industrial and Engineering Chemistry in 1984. He also shared the Distinguished Award in Oxidation Catalysis from the World Oxidation Catalysis Society in Berlin (2001); and he received a doctorate, honoris causa, from the University of Bologna. He was awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Prize in1995.

Dr. Grasselli combined the best of the American optimism and ‘can-do’ spirit with the old-world European cultural depth and charm of the continent of his birth. He read extensively; he loved music and was an ardent supporter of the Vienna Phillarmonic. He had a passion for skiing and for travel to far-away places. He loved gardening, unusual flora, and modern art. For the last twenty years of his life, he and his wife, Dr. Eva-Maria Hauck, spent their time in their two homes, one in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the other in Munich. He will always be remembered for his ethusiam for science that led him throughout his life to bring friends together in discussion.
(Prepared by Doug Buttrey, William Goddard III, and Raul Lobo)

Teh Ho is the recipient of the 2018 F.G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Teh Ho of ExxonMobil (Retired) is the recipient of the 2018 F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis sponsored by W. R. Grace & Co. It is awarded biennially in even-numbered years. The award consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $5,000. The plaque will be presented during the closing banquet ceremonies at the 2019 North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society.

Dr. Ho will be invited to present lectures at the local catalysis clubs and societies during the two-year period covered by this award.

The F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis is given in recognition of substantial contributions to one or more areas in the field of catalysis with emphasis on industrially significant catalysts and catalytic processes and the discovery of new catalytic reactions and systems of potential industrial importance.

Teh Ho has recently retired from ExxonMobil’s corporate research laboratory after a 37-year industrial career (including 4 years with Halcon R&D Development Corp). He continues to spend his spare time writing papers on catalysis and reaction engineering. He has been a prolific author, writing comprehensive reviews on hydrodenitrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, and process modeling.

Teh had spent a large fraction of his career in probing reaction kinetics of several industrially important areas with particular emphasis on sulfide catalysis and the role of hydrogenation vs hydrogenolysis and the influence of basic vs. non-basic organo-nitrogen species as inhibitors. To overcome the difficulties of characterizing highly disordered sulfide catalysts, he developed a dynamic technique to determine the number of catalytic active sites and the structure-activity relationship for hydrodesulfurization catalysts. His work has always used high-level modeling for gaining predictive understanding.

He is the recipient of 2002 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award of the Research Council of New Jersey, the 2002 Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Practice Award of the AIChE, the 2004 AIChE Wilhelm Award, the 2006 AIChE Evans Chemical Engineering Practice Award. He capped off his industrial career with induction into the National Academy of Engineering in 2016.

Citation: “Catalytic removal of sulfur and nitrogen from hydrocarbons for manufacturing clean fuels and petrochemicals.”
Christopher W. Jones
Vice President, North American Catalysis Society

Jingguang Chen is the recipient of the 2017 Robert Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis

I am pleased to announce that Professor Jingguang Chen of Columbia University is the recipient of the 2017 Robert Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis of the North American Catalysis Society, sponsored by Johnson Matthey and administered by The North American Catalysis Society. It is awarded biennially in odd-numbered years. The award consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $5,000. The plaque will be presented during the closing banquet ceremonies at the 2017 North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society. An additional $4,500 is available to cover travelling expenses in North America.
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Election Results for Director-at-Large

The electronic election for six Director-at-Large positions is now complete.

I am pleased to announce that the following individuals have been elected to a four-year term as Director-at-Large from a slate of 13 candidates:
• Jingguang Chen (Columbia University)
• Jim Dumesic (University of Wisconsin)
• Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (Tufts University)
• Bruce C. Gates (University of California at Davis)
• Chris Jones (Georgia Institute of Technology)
• Fabio H. Ribeiro (Purdue University)
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Director-at-Large Elections

NACS2017_DAL_Elections 1
The election for Directors-at-Large is scheduled to start on March 8th, 2017 at 21:01 AM. The NACS will be using online balloting as the only way to cast your vote. We have contracted with a firm that is experienced in on-line voting to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the process.
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Announcement of the Tanabe Prize

The Acid Base Catalysis Group hereby invites nominations for the Kozo Tanabe Prize. The Kozo Tanabe Prize for Acid Base Catalysis is sponsored by the International Acid-Base Catalysis (ABC) Group* and a selected private company. It honors the legacy and accomplishments of Professor Kozo Tanabe, who pioneered many of the modern concepts in Catalytic Chemistry of acids and bases. The prize is administered by the ABC Group* and will be presented at the 8th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis (ABC-8), to be held in May 2017 in Rio, Brazil. The award consists of a plaque, an honorarium, and travel expenses to attend the meeting and present a plenary lecture. The Tanabe Prize recognizes substantial contributions to the field of acid and/or base catalysis. It may be presented to an individual of any stage of her/his career for significant contributions to the area within the ten years preceding the date of the award. Self nominations are not accepted. The nomination package must include the nomination sheet, a list of publications and patents (2007-2017), a list of plenary and keynote lectures, a curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation. The nomination packages should be sent via email as a single PDF file titled “Name of Nominee Tanabe Prize Nomination 2017” no later than March 17, 2017 to the Tanabe Prize committee**. (Coordinator: David Jackson, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, Email:
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ABC Young Scientist Award

The Acid Base Catalysis Group invites nominations for the ABC Young Scientist Award. The award will be given to a single person who has made novel and promising contributions to the field of acid and/or base catalysis and is less than 45 years old on May 7, 2017. The awardee will be invited to present a lecture at the 8th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis in Rio 2017.

Nomination packages should include a nomination letter, a one-page CV, a one-page research highlight, a list of publications, two letters of recommendation, and up to three electronic reprints of relevant publications. Self-nomination is excluded. The package should consist of a single PDF file and should be submitted per email no later than March 17, 2017. Inquiries and nomination packages should be directed to the President of the Acid Base Catalysis Group, Takashi Tatsumi, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Bruce Gates is the recipient of the 2017 Michel Boudart Award for Advances in Catalysis

We are pleased to announce that Professor Bruce Gates of the University of California at Davis is the recipient of the 2017 Michel Boudart Award for Advances in Catalysis. This award is sponsored by the Haldor Topsøe Company and is administered jointly by the North American Catalysis Society and the European Federation of Catalysis Societies. The presentation to Professor Gates will be made at both the 25th North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society (Denver, June 2017) and the Europacat XIII Meeting (Florence, Italy, August 2017).
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