ORCS Award Winners

The Organic Reactions Catalysis Society is pleased to announce its award winners, who will be honored at the 23rd ORCS Conference March 14-18, 2010 in Monterey, CA USA.

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Blaser of Solvias AG has been selected as the 2009 Paul Rylander Awardee for excellence in catalysis, notably for important developments in chemoselective and stereoselective hydrogenations, including the the synthesis of (S)- metachlor.

Prof. Matthias Beller of Leibniz Institute for Catalysis has been selected as the 2010 Paul Rylander Awardee for excellence in catalysis based on his significant contributions developing and applying novel homogeneous catalysts to organic synthesis. His work on Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling, reductive carbonylation and hydroaminomethylation, to name a few, have opened new concepts in the construction of complex organic molecules.

Dr. Steve Schmidt of W.R. Grace & Co. has been selected as the 2010 Murray Raney Awardee for advancements in the technology of activated base metal catalysts. His work on the development of platinum group metal promoted Raney(R) catalysts was notable for elucidating fundamental properties and also in identifying commercially relevant applications.

Prof. Robert Augustine, Emeritus Seton Hall University is the 2010 Russell Malz Awardee for distinguished service to the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society. Prof. Augustine was part of the founding group establishing ORCS, played a significant role in governance of the Society serving 20+ years on the Board and as the Chair of the 1986 conference.

More information about ORCS and its 23rd Conference March 14-18, 2010 can be found at our website, www.orcs.org.