The beginnings of the catalysis society in USA & the world

History of the Catalysis Society in USA

In 1949, a group of 7 scientists met in Philadelphia to discuss the possibility of holding regular meetings in the field of catalysis; they formed the Philadelphia Catalysis Club. In 1954-56 the Catalysis Club organized the 1st International Congress on Catalysis (ICC), which was held in Philadelphia in 1956 (attendance of over 600 persons). By 1965 several other catalysis clubs had been organized in the USA and together they formed the Catalysis Society of North America. The first national meeting of the catalysis society of North America was held in 1969. The recent 19th North American Catalysis Society meeting was held in Philadelphia in June 2005 with almost 1,100 attendees over 4.5 days of presentations in 6 parallel sessions. The ICC eventually spawned the International Association of Catalysis Societies (IACS). Separately, regional and national catalysis societies (such as EFCATS (Europe) and APACS (Asia)) have formed around the world as members of the IACS.
Contributed by Heinz Heinemann & John Armor
14 June 2005.