Teh Ho is the recipient of the 2018 F.G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Teh Ho of ExxonMobil (Retired) is the recipient of the 2018 F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis sponsored by W. R. Grace & Co. It is awarded biennially in even-numbered years. The award consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $5,000. The plaque will be presented during the closing banquet ceremonies at the 2019 North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society.

Dr. Ho will be invited to present lectures at the local catalysis clubs and societies during the two-year period covered by this award.

The F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis is given in recognition of substantial contributions to one or more areas in the field of catalysis with emphasis on industrially significant catalysts and catalytic processes and the discovery of new catalytic reactions and systems of potential industrial importance.

Teh Ho has recently retired from ExxonMobil’s corporate research laboratory after a 37-year industrial career (including 4 years with Halcon R&D Development Corp). He continues to spend his spare time writing papers on catalysis and reaction engineering. He has been a prolific author, writing comprehensive reviews on hydrodenitrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, and process modeling.

Teh had spent a large fraction of his career in probing reaction kinetics of several industrially important areas with particular emphasis on sulfide catalysis and the role of hydrogenation vs hydrogenolysis and the influence of basic vs. non-basic organo-nitrogen species as inhibitors. To overcome the difficulties of characterizing highly disordered sulfide catalysts, he developed a dynamic technique to determine the number of catalytic active sites and the structure-activity relationship for hydrodesulfurization catalysts. His work has always used high-level modeling for gaining predictive understanding.

He is the recipient of 2002 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award of the Research Council of New Jersey, the 2002 Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Practice Award of the AIChE, the 2004 AIChE Wilhelm Award, the 2006 AIChE Evans Chemical Engineering Practice Award. He capped off his industrial career with induction into the National Academy of Engineering in 2016.

Citation: “Catalytic removal of sulfur and nitrogen from hydrocarbons for manufacturing clean fuels and petrochemicals.”
Christopher W. Jones
Vice President, North American Catalysis Society